Familotel Sonnwies

Baths and packs. Diving into wellness pleasure

Baths and packs make you feel the alpine nature close to your skin.

Precious essences and oils extracted from alpine herbs and fruits, dissolved in Grander water or in cosmetic ointments, rejuvenate the skin and indulge the senses with their aromas. So that mind and body are in harmony.

Thermospa treatments with alpine spring water from Luson/Lüsen

Cosmetic relaxation of the special kind with depth effect. Surrounded by fragrant Swiss pine and embedded in soft waves you enjoy a feeling as if you were floating in warm water. Due to the pleasant temperature and special relaxation the cosmetic agent of the caring products can be optimally absorbed by the skin.

Alpine spring water baths in the Hydroxeu

Purest alpine spring water scattered in millions of finest whirl of air and water eddies makes our baths unique. They are enriched with precious essences and extracts. Inhale the precious fragrances and indulge in a sensual massage experience from neck to toes.