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Beauty applications

In our beauty department Salientes Runcada we just rely on the very best from nature, combined with modern methods and newest scientific findings.

Herbal biological cosmetic agents by exclusive caring lines, like BABOR, soothe and rejuvenate. The skin of your face will become visibly more delicate and radiate.

Treatments for face

Beauty- Classics

Babor Reversive ® –The anti aging Treatment

Babor Reversive ® –The anti aging TreatmentLook forward to a skin full of luminosity and charisma. In an exceptional treatment with pampering Massages and immediately visible effects all diminish Signs of aging. Your skin radiates youthfulness, appears firmer, smoother, smoother and feels silky soft on. ReVersive ® is the beauty treatment that desires comes true and turns back the time a little. Rejuvenate your skin and let it be your new one inspired charisma, smoothness and regularity

Pamper minutes: ca. 80 Min.
Price: € 149.00

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