without large luggage.

At the family hotel Sonnwies you will find everything that makes a holiday with your baby a successful experience. In addition to the 63 hours of baby care and healthy baby food, you will find almost every kind of baby equipment.

In the restaurant you will find

  • High chairs
  • Bib
  • children cutlery
  • Ferdi Coasters
  • Various cereal porridge to mix by hand with milk
  • Different pots of Hipp baby food starting from 4 months
  • Hipp baby menu with more than 15 different pots
  • Fresh vegetables and porridge
  • Fruit pots

The kitchenette is open 24 hours: microwave, stove, freezer, bottle sterilizer.

In the room, the following equipment is ready for you:

  • Crib with bed linen
  • Night light
  • Winding pad or winding table
  • Foot Rest
  • WC-reduction
  • Ferdi's shampoo    
  • Washcloth 
  • Nappies Bin

The rooms are all equipped with natural wood allergen-free, child-proof and can be darkened.

In the baby care rooms

Many colourful toys to grab, touch, taste, hear, smell and roll.

 In the swimming pool

  • Children's pool with 2O, 3O, 35 and 4O cm depth and 35 C° warm water
  • Lots of toys to splash and play
  • Organic children's sauna with cinema for warming up
  • Wrap support
  • Walking school to rest
  • Grander water
  • Extra gentle and clean water treatment due to salt chlorination and UV coating.
  • Swimming diapers can be purchased in our hotel shop

In addition, you can borrow for free:

  • Bottle warmers
  • Kettle
  • Hot water bottle
  • Baby bath
  • Potty
  • Fever thermometer
  • Cherry seed bags
  • Carrying cloth
  • Carrying backpack
  • Reclining car
  • Terrain Buggy
  • stroller
  • Babyphone

24 hours washing facilities with washing machine, dryer and detergent (extra charge)

What to bring on holiday :
Nappies, bottles or cups, pacifiers, cuddly toys, sleeping bags, milk powder and medicines.

 Relaxed with baby holidays

  • Full baby equipment in the restaurant
  • Complete baby equipment in the room
  • Baby equipment on the go
  • 60 hours of babysitting from 4 months
  • Extra-warm children's pool for long
  • Splashing water toys Wellness offer for babies


Dear guests, dear children,

Back to Nature with a smile! 


It is our pleasure to inform you that we will open the Sonnwies on 15.02.2021 for the winter season. 


We have introduced many new measures for your safe holiday.
To the Sonnwies carefree measures



You can reach us Monday to Saturday from 8:00 to 17.00 o'clock. under / +39 0472413533

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