Little Farmer

Farm experience

Directly at the resort is our Sonnwies Organic Farm with very special breeds of animals, a hay barn, the manufactory, outdoor animal stalls, extensive pleasure gardens and direct access to the private forest. All of this can be accessed and experienced by families. Within the framework of childcare, the Sonnwies Farm is discovered in a playful way, actively helped and learned.

Sonnwies Farm

Animals very close

We place particular emphasis on sensitizing children to nature, the environment and animals. Children are taught in a loving way to appreciate nature and to treat it with care. A special feature of the Sonnwies Farm are the endangered animal breeds in the stable, the paddock and the summer stables.

  • Pustertal Sprinces
  • Black-nosed sheep
  • Black alpine pigs
  • Villnöss spectacled sheep
  • Ponies
  • Alpacas
  • Chickens
  • Rabbits



Pony paddock with mountain view

The ponies and Icelandic horses enjoy the pure mountain air and the paddock in free nature in the middle of the Dolomites. They are especially happy about stroking sessions and the visit of children. As part of the Sonnwies childcare, the little ones can ride, groom and clean daily from Monday to Saturday. No registration is necessary, so children are free to decide when they want close contact with the animals. On the back of our ponys, children learn a gentle contact with nature and animals in a playful way. In addition, children have the opportunity to have unique horseriding experiences and private riding lessons in the immediate vicinity at the Panoramic Riding Resort in Brixen. 


The Little Farmer Experience

During the time at Sonnwies there is a lot to discover, to help and to learn on the farm and in the wild. Children experience how diverse nature is: meadows and herbs, forests and streams, alpine pastures and mountains, insects and animals, and much more. They take responsibility, celebrate small and bigger successes and receive the Little Farmer Diploma.

  • Adopt an animal
  • Feed animals
  • Clean out the barn 
  • Search for eggs
  • Hay hopping
  • Riding a pony
  • Driving a tractor
  • Cooking in the manufactory
  • Planting beds with seeds
  • Handicrafts with natural materials
  • Painting in free nature on the easel
  • Building a dam in the forest
  • Nature treasure hunt

Special Little Farmer Weeks


Culinary Garden

Surrounded by large pleasure gardens, Sonnwies is the ideal place to introduce children to all stages of the food cycle in a playful way: sowing, harvesting, processing and tasting. In this way, an understanding of the origin of real food and the "farm to table" concept is conveyed at an early age. As part of the children's program, there are garden tours several times a week in our organic Culinary Garden, where children can actively help.

  • 1,150 sqm organic Culinary Garden with old varieties of fruits, vegetables, wild herbs and berries
  • A great diversity of varieties, with various forgotten vegetables, so-called rarities, which are cultivated here again
  • the entire garden is organic: pesticide-free, healthy, and sustainable
  • several times a week garden tours with our gardener Monika
  • Children can actively help: sowing, watering, harvesting and tasting

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Here, your little ones will learn about the exemplary alpine tradition of craftsmanship in a playful way. We attach great importance to teaching them how to handle natural materials and products with care. The focus is on the connection with our unique nature and its rural values. In the creative farm workshops, the children can create masterpieces from natural or recyclable materials. Crafting, cutting, hammering, making wreaths, carving funny figures, painting, or making and tasting traditional products like jams, butter or "Kaiserschmarrn" themselves. You and your little ones can experience all this and much more during the children's program.


"Petting, feeding, riding and much more: the Sonnwies Farm is a place where children experience unforgettable memories with animals in the wild." Host Hans Hinteregger