Familotel Sonnwies

Special massages: Wellness for children, adults and pregnant women at the hotel

The true massage works from inside to outside and from outside to inside. Our specially trained masseurs have tailored their program to the whole family.

Medical needs, particular psychological states of mind or just the wish to be pampered: a massage at the Wellness Hotel Sonnwies fulfills all sorts of demands. Our experts in the massage department have not only thought of adults – no matter if alone or as a couple. There are also special offers for children and pregnant women.


Massage with honey from Lüsen/ Luson

Massage with honey from Lüsen/ Luson

During the honey massage the power of the bee honey works directly through the skin and has a relaxing and detoxifying effect on the organism. This massage deeply invigorates the whole organism and is especially suited in cases of stress, exhaustion and weakness.


Pamper minutes: ca. 45 Min.
Price: € 62.00

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