Familotel Sonnwies

Pair applications and rituals

The best wellness moments should be enjoyed together.

Pair applications are double delectation. Together with your partner you experience pleasant body applications, baths and massages. The rest period is all for you and your partner, for the after-effect, for relishing and being close to each other.


Wellness rituals

The sensation of aromas all to ourselves

The sensation of aromas all to ourselvesEnjoy our Sailentes Runcada Wellness Suite for two: sauna
in the Turkish bath with subsequent salt peeling, rose flower
bath in double whirlpool tub, 2 short butter massages and,
finally, cuddle down in the water bed and enjoy a selection of
healthy foods.

Pamper minutes: ca. 110 Min.
Price: € 205.00

Beauty-Wellness Request